Valerie Martinelli, MPA on The Important Breakthroughs of the #MeToo Movement

The Important Breakthroughs of the #MeToo Movement By Valerie Martinelli, MPA – Leadership, Life, & Career Coach/ HR & Management Consultant  Sexual harassment has become one of the most prevalent workplace and HR topics in recent weeks. In response to that, there have been surveys that suggest exactly how bad sexual harassment in the workplace [...]

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Guest Writer Shanalee Gallagher’s Interview with Tacoma’s First Female City Manager

Tacoma's First Female City Manager - Elizabeth Pauli on Challenges & What YOU Can Imagine for YOURSELF! BY Shanalee Gallagher, Management Analyst Intern, City of Santa Barbara, CA I recently had the opportunity to interview Elizabeth Pauli, the first female City Manager of Tacoma, Washington. The following is my interview with Ms. Pauli. Shanalee Gallagher: [...]

Guest Blogger Jan Perkins on Having the Confidence to Pursue the TOP JOB

By Jan Perkins, Former City Manager and ICMA Senior Advisor/West Region Liaison   There are many reasons women are under-represented as chief executives in local governments (and many other areas in business and government as well). There’s one thing women are especially well-positioned to do to change that – and that is to be open [...]

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Guest Blogger Lt. Zach Perron on Rethinking the Way We Recruit Police Officers

By Zach Perron, Lieutenant - Palo Alto, CA Police Department I think it’s time to rethink the way that police agencies attempt to recruit new police officers. Police departments across the country are having tremendous difficulty filling vacancies. As a result, many agencies are “working short,” with fewer officers on the books than are authorized, [...]

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Guest Blogger Charlene Stevens on being “in transition”

"Sometimes it takes awhile to fully embrace that I needed and wanted to move on." By Charlene Stevens, City Administrator - Cottage Grove, MN I have worked in local government since 1996 and been fortunate to have good mentors and good opportunities.   I was by most reasonable accounts a good manager and a solid professional.  [...]

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