Need a Coach? This program might be perfect for you!

ICMA Coaching Program: Thrive in Local Government The ICMA Coaching Program launches in January 2016 -- thanks to ICMA securing National Platinum Sponsor ICMA-RC. Expanding upon the success of the Cal-ICMA Coaching Program and 15 ICMA State Association Coaching Partners in 2015, we are bringing coaching programs and resources to all members and non-members of [...]

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Guest Blogger Lt. Zach Perron on Rethinking the Way We Recruit Police Officers

By Zach Perron, Lieutenant - Palo Alto, CA Police Department I think it’s time to rethink the way that police agencies attempt to recruit new police officers. Police departments across the country are having tremendous difficulty filling vacancies. As a result, many agencies are “working short,” with fewer officers on the books than are authorized, [...]

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Guest Blogger Charlene Stevens on being “in transition”

"Sometimes it takes awhile to fully embrace that I needed and wanted to move on." By Charlene Stevens, City Administrator - Cottage Grove, MN I have worked in local government since 1996 and been fortunate to have good mentors and good opportunities.   I was by most reasonable accounts a good manager and a solid professional.  [...]

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Guest Blogger: Kathy Spillar on How Hiring More Women Will Help Defuse Police Violence

By Kathy Spillar, Executive Director, FMF (Parent group of National Center for Women & Policing) As the crisis continues to unfold in Baltimore and in communities across the country, it becomes increasingly clear that hiring the right types of police officers is imperative to improving police-community relations. In the Winter 2015 issue of Ms., I outlined why [...]

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