League Board Member Ted Staton Honored as 2019 ICMA Outstanding Mentor Award Winner

League Board Member Ted Staton Honored as 2019 ICMA Outstanding Mentor Award Winner By League Newsletter Editor The ICMA Outstanding Mentor Awards recognize local government professionals who have demonstrated a commitment to mentoring the next generation of local government leaders and who have had a significant positive impact on the life and career of their [...]

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Guest Writer Rachel Keyser on Modern Mentoring in Government Workplaces

By Rachel Keyser, Content Writer, ViewPoint Cloud In 2013, Julia Gould took a summer internship with LAANE, a Los Angeles-based organization that advocates for workers’ rights. There she met Jeannine Pearce, a community organizer and former LAANE intern herself. Jeannine saw great potential in Julia, describing her as someone “who exemplified her passion and willingness [...]

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Who is YOUR Mentor?

What We've Learned From Our Mentors By LWG Editor National Mentoring Month officially began in 2002 to draw attention to the need for youth mentors across the nation. It has since become a celebrated event in the workplace both in the public and private sectors. A Mentor is a person that can work with [...]

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Today’s Workplace Tip: Make Sure Women’s Ideas are Heard

We’ve all heard the myth that women don’t support each other—but it’s not true. Women can be powerful allies at work, and there are simple things we can do every day to celebrate and advocate for our female coworkers. Together we can level the playing field and go further faster. Today's Tip is the first [...]

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