Happy Pay Equity Week! Even though….

The Gender Pay Gap Has Barely Budged Since the ’90s. By Stephanie Hallett, reposted from msmagazine.com Each year in April we mark the passage of Equal Pay Day—in 2016 it falls on April 12—a symbolic date that marks how far into the year women must work to finally make as much as men were paid the previous [...]

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Guest Blogger: Melanie Piana, Mayor Pro Tem- Ferndale, MI on City’s New Paid Parental Leave Policy

 Photo Credit of Ms. Piana: JSingletonPhoto By Melanie Piana, Ferndale, MI City Councilmember and Mayor Pro Tem  I’ve watched my friends, women and men, prepare for a new baby with joy and excitement, and also concerned about how much time they would have to bond and physically heal before heading back to work. Like many [...]

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Guest Blogger: Tammy Letourneau on Work/Life Balance – Yes We Can Do It!

By Tamara Letourneau - Assistant Chief Executive Officer, City of Costa Mesa CA Work/life balance is a topic that women discuss and think about often. It is the subject of discussion at many water coolers, conferences and lunches with our colleagues. Whether you have a family now or you are thinking about starting one, the [...]

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What Works for Women Series: Prove it Again

Ever feel like you have to prove yourself more than men? Learn tactics for demonstrating your competence. By: Joan C. Williams, Distinguished professor of law at the University of California, Hastings College of Law and co-author of What Works for Women at Work: Four Patterns Working Women Need to Know      The "What Works for [...]

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