The 2019 League + ICMA University Symposium Theme: Don’t Just Talk About It. BE About It! What YOU Can Do To Increase Gender Equity in Local Government.

By The League Editor:

Join the League in collaboration with the International City/County Management Association (ICMA) University for the 4th Annual Symposium from 1:00 to 5:00 PM on Saturday, October 19th in Nashville, TN in conjunction with the ICMA Annual Conference as we celebrate this year’s theme:

Don’t Just Talk About It. BE About It! What YOU Can Do To Increase Gender Equity in Local Government.

This half day symposium will be a fantastic gathering of women AND men who want to learn more about the importance of gender balance and inclusion in local government. In addition, the League is pleased to announce this year’s keynote speaker, Risha Grant.

Risha Grant is diversity personified!

From her race, gender and lifestyle choices, to being a young, small business owner and tackling economic issues, every area of her life intersects diversity. Her interest in societal-isms like racism, sexism, classism and plain old “stupidism” began when she was very young, instead of playing outside, she was inside “playing” school—or more accurately—learning to count, read and write, just in case her darker skin tone cheated her out of an equal education. Through this experience and others, Risha would later learn how experiences like these would feed into her Bias Synapse (BS) and with that realization, Risha planned to change the world, starting with her backwards state.

Today, Risha is the founder & CEO of Risha Grant LLC, an award-winning diversity consulting and communications firm. Their mission is to utilize diversity communication strategies, tactics and training as a catalyst to create an inclusive culture in every company and community.Additionally, Risha created, a highly successful online recruitment tool to connect diverse professionals with careers, internships, and non-profit and corporate board positions. Using passion, persistence and knowledge, she has worked with governors, NBA teams,mayors, CEO’s of Fortune 500 companies and other business and community leaders to reduce bias and further the understanding of Diversity & Inclusion. As an international speaker, Risha teaches and empowers attendees with D&I tools to increase their bottom line and permission to get rid of their Bias Synapse which she entertainingly refers to as “BS.”

The Symposium’s opening speaker will be announced shortly so stay tuned!

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