Today’s Infographic: Banning The Phrase “lacks executive presence”

Should we ban the term "Executive Presence?"   By Lori Nishiura MacKenzie, Executive Director at the Clayman Institute for Gender Research at Stanford University More than two years have passed since Sheryl Sandberg launched the campaign to “Ban Bossy” for young girls. The idea is to shift the perceptions of girls' strong behaviors from being [...]

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Today’s Infographic: What is your body language saying to others?

Experts say that body language is more than 93% of our communication and, in fact, if we decode a conversation it would roughly breakdown to:  7% words used, 38% tone of voice, volume, rate of speech, vocal pitch; and 55% facial expressions, hand gestures, postures and other forms of body language. The 93% is known not [...]

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Mentoring Corner/Today’s Infographic: The 6 Stages Of Career Development

Career Development Infographic: Which stage are you in??? Reprinted from Business Insider/Aol Jobs.com By Mariya Pylayev Do you recognize yourself? Is age a stage? Do you think there are seven or eight stages of career development? Review the infographic and tell us where you fall in the comments at the bottom!

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