Recap of the 2018 Baltimore Symposium

2018 BALTIMORE LEAGUE + ICMA UNIVERSITY SYMPOSIUM The 3rd Annual ICMA University + League of Women in Government Symposium  was held in conjunction with the ICMA Annual Conference on Saturday, October 22nd. This annual pre-conference event focused on trending issues that are important to not only local government women, but to everyone who is striving for [...]

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Keynote Speaker Joanne Lipman Will Share Groundbreaking Solutions For Handling Gender Inequality in the Workplace at the 3rd Annual Symposium…Here are just a few of them

Joanne Lipman on Solutions For Handling Gender Inequality in the Workplace....Want to purchase a copy of Joanne's best-selling book for half the cover cost? Scroll down to the bottom of this page and click the "ADD TO CART" button.  __________ NJ Goldston, (reprinted with permission) Right in the midst of the explosive Harvey [...]