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By LWG Editor

n September 2012, ICMA President Bonnie Svrcek established a Task Force on Women in the Profession to evaluate the barriers facing women in the local government profession and to develop strategies to remove those barriers for those female professionals seeking to move towards senior level roles in local government. The 75-member Task Force, co-chaired by Pamela Antil, assistant city administrator, Santa Barbara, California, and Tammy Letourneau, assistant chief executive officer, Costa Mesa, California, presented their Task Force Final Report to the ICMA Executive Board in September 2014.

Among the recommendations was to encourage ICMA to regularly post data reflecting the number of women in senior executive positions throughout the nation and by state. Recently, this data was posted on the ICMA website and the current number of female CAO’s (City/County Managers) stands at 15.3 percent within the ICMA membership. Female Assistants account for 37.2 percent of all of the assistant/deputy CAO positions in the U.S.

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To increase awareness about moving the needle forward for women in local government, join the League and ICMA for a special symposium in Kansas City, MO on 09/24/16. More information can be found HERE.