League of Women in Government makes NRC Top Ten Local Government Blogs to Follow!

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League of Women in Government makes the list!

Keeping current in local government often requires catching up on the latest hot topics for today’s communities, learning best practices from peers, taking advantage of available resources and picking the minds of thought-leaders in the field. These tasks may seem overwhelming in our data-saturated society, where time is limited and information is endless.

But there are diamonds of blogs sparkling through the sediment, so we mined a small handful of them to share with you. Each of these blogs delivers useful information on a regular basis with a wealth of free web articles. Even if you are not a member or client of these organizations, you may want to consider adding them to your email list. A good read through these will keep you ready to join in on any local government discussion.


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  1. Thank you for sharing the list! League of Women in Government is one of the best resources for both women and men who want to support women in positions of leadership and enhance professional development. We get excited for each new post notification!

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