Locate State Partner Groups

The League of Women in Government (The League) serves as the umbrella organization to support local and statewide organizations that advance women in local government leadership. We want to move the needle forward on the number of women serving at the most senior and executive levels in ALL areas of local government — administration, public works, police, fire, planning…….you name it! We want to help YOU reach your maximum potential through a support network of information, development opportunities, and forums to help you lead, thrive or get that next big gig! The League is also proud to serve as the International City/County Management Association’s primary affiliate group for women in local government. So c’mon under our umbrella! We’re here to help!

To connect with one of our sister organizations, see contact information below. If you don’t see your state, but would like to establish a women’s group in your area, email us at info@leagueofwomeningovernment.org for assistance.

Arizona Contact: Kari Kent, Assistant City Manager, Mesa, Karolyn.Kent@mesaaz.gov

California Contact:Lori Sassoon, Deputy City Manager, Rancho Cucamonga, CA, president@womenleadinggovernment.com

Colorado Contact: Kelly Houghteling, houghtkm@wellingtoncolorado.gov

Delaware Contact: Terry Tieman, Town Manager, Fenwick Island, townmgr@fenwickisland.org

Illinois Contact: Dawn Peters, NIU Center for Governmental Studies, info@legacyprojectnow.org

Massachusetts Contact: Denise Baker, Massachusetts Municipal Association, dbaker@mma.org

Michigan Contact: Emily Kieliszewski, Membership Engagement Specialist, Michigan Municipal League, emilyk@mml.org

Texas Contact: Karen Daly, kdaly@icma.org

Texas Women’s Leadership Institute Contact: Karen Daly, TWLI Executive Director at txwomensleadership@gmail.com 

Utah Contact: Diane Foster, City Manager, Park City, Diane.Foster@parkcity.org